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To celebrate the end of the last year of our undergraduate degree in Economics, me and my great friend Ayrton, broke out the city's routine and went to the beach.

Lately the weather has been amazing in Lisbon. Despite raining occasionally, it has been very hot and up to +- 23ºC. For instance, when we went to the beach it was 29ºC.

The best part of living at a city like Lisbon, is that you always have several options for how to spend your time. Even though, you don't have a car, you can easily be somewhere you wish due to the good transportation facilities.  Adding that the city's dimension also helps!

I am not really a 'beach-person', but I love swimming and being in contact with the ocean. The part I like the least is being frying in the sun! So during summer, I always have a hard time, because my friends' favourite hobby (while we are at the beach) is to sunbath for hours and hours! Instead, I take baths of sunscreen and water.
I am a little health-freak. I do worry very much about health, specially food, skin and haircare. As a result, the summer seems to be the season where I have to be even more cautious. My hair gets dry without difficulty and my skin becomes very fragile.

So this day I took some nice shoots with my new acquisition from Sahoco. I fell in love with this shorts since I saw the SS16 press release.
This pattern reflects my African roots and if you observe the shorts carefully it almost seems to have a story going on. The African sellers are doing their ordinary activities while they are happily dancing and singing.
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Have a nice weekend!



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